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The British School of Zanzibar provides high quality combination of British style of international education and Zanzibar curriculum.

We begin an academic programme at age 2 ½ year when children join us in the Nursery class. Children in Nursery & Reception (Foundation Stage), aged 2 ½ - 4 years old, follow the Foundation Stage based on the British Government's Early Learning Goals.

The British School of Zanzibar, although basing its curriculum largely on the UK model, also reflects our Zanzibar locations. We provide an appreciation of the different cultures and religions from which our children come. During our assemblies, children share their talents as well as experiences and parents are warmly invited to watch and participate.


British Curriculum Stage

Year Tests
2 ½ - 4 Nursery
4-5 Reception
5-6 Key stage I Year 1  
6-7 Year 2 UK National tests English/Maths

The UK Foundation Stage

At the British School of Zanzibar the Foundation Stage Curriculum is followed for pupils in the Nursery and Reception, Year 1 and 2 classes (ages 2 ½ - 9 years old) and is organized into six areas of learning:

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Communication, language and literacy

  • Mathematical development

  • Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Physical development

  • Creative development

The Early Learning Goals establish expectations for most children to reach by the end of the Foundation Stage, but are not a curriculum in themselves. They are organized into the six basic areas and provide the basis for planning throughout the Foundation Stage, so laying secure foundations for future learning. It is a curriculum that not only acts as a transition between home and school but also starts children off with the learning habits necessary to access education at a later age.