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Vision statement.
To be the number one international school in Zanzibar,  that promotes excellence in education and  provides hope to the orphans/less privileged children for a brighter future.

Mission statement.
The mission of British School of Zanzibar is to guide students into becoming productive and contributing members of society.
All teachers will provide a strong academic and co-curricular program in a safe and caring environment that encourage respect, self-worth, creativity, and academic growth .
The management, parents and staff shall bring together their proficiency in such ways that students respect themselves and others. Students appreciate the value of mixture and individual creativity. They recognize the problems and opportunities of change. Seeking a set of ethical standards  that allows them to succeed in the world they inherit, and experience the joy of learning as a lifelong process.

Our Goals/Objective:-

  • Provide a stimulating and caring environment where the children are free to explore, imagine, create and interact with the staff and other children.
  • Recognize that each child is an individual and that developmental speeds differ.
  • Provide adequate resources and educational facilities appropriate to the child’s age and stage of development.
  • Promote social manners and respect for the others by encouraging group activities. Here we will encourage independence, politeness and cooperation in multicultural atmosphere.
  • Promote equal opportunities, ensuring that Staff, Children and Parents/Guardians are treated equally with regards to culture, race ethnic origin, colour, religion, disability or status.

  • Closely monitor all children’s progress, provide quarterly reports, and half year consultations with the Parent/Guardians.

  • Offer daily feedback to available Parent/Guardian
  • Request that parent/guardians take an active interest in the policies and procedure