Head Teacher's Note

Hello and welcome to the British School of Zanzibar’s website. We started our academic year in September and welcomed new families to our school community.  We are growing and expanding. BSZ’s primary language on campus is English.  We deliver all our classes with the exception of world languages in English, following the British National Curriculum. 

At BSZ, we strive to provide a safe, friendly, and academically structured environment to all students.  We provide high standards in academics, while using student-centered methods. We draw from the best teaching practices internationally and locally.  Our school is made up of Nursery through Form 1 for the 2018-2019 academic calendar. 

Nursery and Reception classes follow the British Curriculum however; it is combined with elements of Montessori teaching practices.  Students in Years 1-3 take core classes in the Math, Science, Geography, and English. They have enrichment classes that range from gym and music to ICT/Coding, World Languages, and Health. Students in Years 4-6 follow a similar model as those in lower primary. However, they have added core subjects such as Civics, History, and Kiswahili. 

This year we welcomed our first Pre-Form 1 class and in January 2019 we will continue with Form I and II. Each year we will build onto our secondary classes. Upper Primary students participate in enrichment classes ranging from fashion design/art to speech and debate.  Our Upper Primary teachers also prepare students of Years 4 and 6 for National Exams on a regular and ongoing basis.

We welcome you to explore our website and visit us in person. Looking forward to seeing you.

Lissete Brammer
Head Teacher

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