BSZ Orphan Programme

British School of Zanzibar in Partnership with Tabasam Foundation non profit organization registered in Zanzibar established an orphage program called BSZ Orphanage in 2007 which aims to make a difference in orphans and less prevelleged children’s lives by creating services and programmes which facilitate children to develop a range of life skills needed to live independently through education. 

BSZ Orphanage funds the group of 10 orphans/less privileged children by paying their school fees at British School of Zanzibar and other Secondary schools, this support supplies to these poor children instruction in values, morals and practical solutions, this support will enhance the quality of their lives and give them tools they need to succeed in future, we believe in investing in them by providing love, care, education, training and leadership.

Bsz Orphanage seeks funding assistance to improve and expand its orphanage program by enrolling more orphan students to British School of Zanzibar and other schools in Zanzibar, Individuals, organizations, companies and any other people can partner us in bringing hope to children in need by sponsoring us or/and volunteering with us, notably by giving us donations such as: 

  • Funds
  • External assistance
  • Volunteering
  • Scholarships to higher educations
  • Furniture and material to improve the orphanage
  • Etc.

 For further information on BSZ Orphanage please contacts us through:-
Tabasam Foundation (NGO registered in Zanzibar)
Te: +255 777413585, +255 713648864, +255 778658865
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,