Head Teacher's Announcement

 Dear BSZ Community,

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.  Since the last BSZ Newsletter, many exciting events took place.  The BSZ football team played two friendly matches against area schools at ISZ and Feza School.  Although, we lost both games, we all had a lot of fun watching and cheering our team.  The players put a lot of heart into the matches and we are proud of them.  We should recognize that these were the first two matches they have played.  Therefore, in loosing the game they gained a lot of knowledge going forward.  We are looking forward to more matches in the upcoming weeks.

 Students in Years 1-6 had are having midterms from the 9-15 of February. All students who receive a D or an F on the midterm, and who have poor percentages for homework and classwork will be sent home with a note after the midterm break requesting your student participate in tuition.  Parents please note that all teachers have individual tuition hours.  These hours and days are found on the class syllabus you received at the start of the school year.  It is the Parent’s duty to request tuition with the days and times, and pay for transport prior to the child attending.  We can only recommend a student participate in tuition.  However, it is the parent that must follow through to see that it is happening.

Unkonda Diawara,