Library Week at BSZ

October 29 to November 2 was our annual library week celebration; graced with arts and crafts, short story composition competition, a story book parade, and the amazing library race! Creativity was nurtured as students worked in groups to create invitation cards to library week; draft, edit and illustrate short stories; and race against time and competition in the heart thumping library race where students had to solve riddles and clues to the grand prize! All this was in celebration of literacy and our favorite space in the entire building—the library. Ms. Asha, our librarian, worked double time to bring the week to life and everyone seems to have enjoyed library week. “Library week was great because it helped us improve on our reading,” says Mutawakal, a year 5 student.

In the same week, classes took turns going to explore an even bigger collection of knowledge—the Zanzibar public library! While there, students had access to a larger collection of children books and guidance from professional librarians! It was upper primary’s first time to the library and they had a chance to learn about the extensive collection of secondary school subject books, history books and even learn a little about the library book organization system; the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Students also applied for their library cards which they will be free to use during their holidays and weekends.