Students visit Jambiani & Jozani Forest

On November 12th, years 2, 3, and 4 visited Jozani forest to meet with the UWEMAJO team (Jozani Farmers’ Union). Students were learning about living things and this trip was to supplement their understanding of sustainable farming methods. Throughout the day, there was movement between learning about the fish farm and sea turtles. Mr. Sammy and Mr. Innocent led students to connect the dots between what they had been learning in class and what they were learning on the field.

Later that week, on November 14th, year 5 and pre-form 1 headed to Jambiani to learn about west Zanzibari coast dialects. Not only did they enjoy learning how to say different words in 3 different dialects, but they also had a cooking class with Mr. Okala. Mr. Okala works with chefs from around the world for the glamorous Zanzibar Gourmet event that takes place every couple of months in Zanzibar’s top hotels. Ms. Asha, the Kiswahili teacher, spearheaded the trip to expose the students to the diversity in the Swahili language.

The next day was Reception and Year 1’s turn to go exploring out of town. They went over to the Big Boy spice farm in Kijichi where they had an engaging hands on learning on living things and the environment; specifically spices that are grown in Zanzibar.

The end of the week was a splash as all students went swimming at Kariakoo!

Rightly so to have fun because the weeks of the 21st to 30th of November are National Examinations for years 4 and 6. We wish them all the best.